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Janine Gwendolyn
Institute for Multilingualism
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Formació Acadèmica de la Dra. KNIGHT, Janine Gwendolyn

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree
    English and English with Drama
    Nottingham University (1990)
  • Adult Dyslexia Diagnosis and Support
    London Language and Literacy Unit, London Southbank University (1990)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Teaching English in Secondary Schools.
    Nottingham University (1990)
  • Adult Literacy Subject Specialists Level 4 Certificate
    Wolverhampton University (1990)
  • Masters en e-learning y las tics
    Universitat Obert de Cataluñya UOC (1990)

Publicacions de la Dra. KNIGHT, Janine Gwendolyn


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Capítols de llibre

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