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I have been a lecturer in Educational Psychology at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) since September 2016, where I am also the coordinator of the Postgraduate Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Previously, I worked as a postdoc at Oxford Brookes University (2015-2016) and the University of Helsinki (2014-2015) after defending my PhD at the Ramon Llull University in 2014. Prior to this, I was a guest lecturer at the Aalto University School of Business in Finland (2013) and a pre-doctoral fellow at the University of Helsinki (2012). I have also worked as an adjunct lecturer at the Ramon Llull University (2010-2011), the University of Girona (2011-2012), the University of Barcelona (2012) and the International University of La Rioja (2016). Outside university, I have been a teacher trainer in Navarra, Galicia and Catalonia (2008-2010) and worked as a primary and adult education teacher for the Government of Catalonia's Ministry of Education (2006-2014), as well as a specialist in informal education (1998-2016).

Formació Acadèmica de la Dra. CERRATO LARA, Maria

  • PhD in Educational Psychology
    Universitat Ramon Llull (2014)
  • Teaching Degree
    Universitat de Girona (2004)
  • Psychopedagogy
    Universitat Ramon Llull (2006)
  • Master's Degree in Educational Psychology
    Universitat de Barcelona (2008)

Publicacions de la Dra. CERRATO LARA, Maria


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Capítols de llibre

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Projectes de recerca de la Dra. CERRATO LARA, Maria

  • Student perceptions of implementing CLIL in a tertiary setting.
  • Progressive Teacher Education – engaging learning environments.
  • Learning gain in Active Citizenship.