CELAC-EU Summit for the citizenship

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This one-day forum was co-organized by the president of ECSA Chile, María Cristina Silva and the Director of the Institute of International Studies, José Morandé. It took place at the University of Chile on September 26th and involved the main actors in the preparatory process of the next CELAC-EU Summit, to be held in Santiago on January 26-27.

The aim of the conference was to talk about the new
dialogue and relations between CELAC (stands for Community of Latin-American
and Caribbean States) and the EU, including their
consequences on the citizenship.

Rodrigo Gaete, Senior Official in charge of the next
Santiago Summit, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, and Rafael
Dochao, ambassador of the European Union Delegation in Chile, exposed
the official perspective of the I CELAC-EU Summit and its implications on the
citizenship. Besides, Jorge Balbis, Executive Secretary from ALOP (stands for Latin-American
Association of Promotion Organisms), and Fernando Alvear, from CPC (stands for
Confederation of Production and Commerce), organizers of the CELAC-EU Civil
Society Forum and the Business Summit, respectively, explained the main
objectives of their meetings as well as the impact of the birregional process
on the citizenship. At the end, a lecture on migration an economic crisis was given
by Rita Lages, from the University
of Coimbra.

Diplomatic, governmental and academic sector attended
this forum, and was covered by different international media.