Teaching staff from the Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture, Alberto T. Estévez, Karl Chu and Pablo Baquero, help organise a congress in Qatar

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Discussion at the GSM4Q, which will take place this February, will focus on advanced technology in architecture

Pablo Baquero, a lecturer in the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture’s Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture, is one of the organising members of the international congress Game, Set & Match IV Qatar (GSM4Q), which is due to take place in Qatar on 6 and 7 February. In addition, the director of the master’s degree, Alberto T. Estévez, and another lecturer, Karl Chu, have also been appointed members of the conference’s scientific committee. The event is being organised by Qatar University and the Qatar National Research Foundation.

The fourth edition of this international congress will be held under the title “Connecting People, Spaces and Machines: The Informed Nomadic Monad” and will address a number of specific yet closely related subjects, such as distributed climates, robotic buildings, informed materials and smart environments, among other things. 

All these fields of knowledge tie into the research lines explored by the Genetic Architectures Research Group, which Alberto T. Estévez himself directs at the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture. “The fact we have been asked to help organise this leading congress is a recognition of the teaching and research the School’s has done since its founding over 20 years ago”, emphasised Alberto T. Estévez.

Other participants include a wealth of internationally renowned architects such as Holland’s Rem Koolhaas and Vicent Icke, France’s Jean Nouvel and Switzerland’s Philippe Block.