1st Conference on cybercrime and cybervictimisation

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1st Conference on cybercrime and cybervictimisation
Keys to the prevention and prosecution of new cybercrimes: a comprehensive approach to protect vulnerable victims

There is currently a growing need to offer effective protection to minors and other potential victims, especially the most vulnerable ones. Over recent years, the ways in which we interact and form relationships have changed at a dramatic pace and those working on the prevention, investigation and prosecution of all types of crime need to be thoroughly familiar with the latest technological environments. Indeed, people now conduct their lives in a way which combines real and virtual environments to such an extent that they cannot be separated. To some degree, everything is influenced by the digital world. The same is true of crimes and evidence. 

Against this background, the risks of cybervictimisation have multiplied at an individual, community and workplace level. Amongst all these risks, protecting the sexual integrity of minors is worthy of special consideration. The Conference will analyse the new criminal offences pertaining to this subject introduced as part of the recent reform of the Penal Code. Additionally, some singularly important challenges will be discussed: Is it justifiable to cut back on procedural safeguards to combat, in an effective way, paedophiles who operate online? How can police work be improved to achieve higher levels of efficiency in preventing and prosecuting these types of crime? How does one tackle the issue of raising awareness amongst minor

Date: Thursday, 6 October
Place: Aula Magna | Campus Barcelona
Organize: Faculty of Law

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Master's Degree in Cybercrime
Master's informative session: 
26 october | 7.30 p.m. 
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4.00 p.m.

Conference opens

Opening remarks: The Rt Hon Jordi Jané i Guasch, Councillor for Home Affairs*

Introduction to the Conference in the context of the new Master's Degree Course in Cybercrime and Sweetie 2.0 project: José R. Agustina, director and Eloi Font, coordinator of the UIC Barcelona Master's Degree in Cybercrime. 

4.20 p.m.

Round Table 1: Legal and procedural challenges in the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of cyber aggressors and other forms of cybercrime

Moderator: Rodolfo Tesone, President of the Association of National Experts in ICT Advocacy (ENATIC)

— Eloy Velasco, High Court Judge 
— Pablo Borjabad, Juvenile Prosecutor specialising in computer crime 

5.45 p.m.


6.00 p.m.

Round Table 2: The positives and negatives of reform number 1/2015 in respect of sexual crime and cybervictimisation

Moderator: Dr Josep Maria Tamarit, Professor of Criminal Law at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC)

— Dr Fernando Miró, co-director of the Master's Degree Course on Cybercrime at UIC Barcelona 
Cybercrime: criminological bases to prevent cyber victimization. CiberApp project

— Dr Irene Montiel, lecturer on the Master's Degree Course on Cybercrime at UIC Barcelona 
Educational challenges to prevent child victimisation online

Discussion and questions on the policing challenges in respect of bullying, sexting and grooming with contributions from Ruben Mora, Chief Inspector of the Central Unit of Cybercrime of the Mossos d’Esquadra Police Corps, Carlos Morán, Chief inspector Tech Crime Group I of the National Police and Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Baena, Head of the Judicial Police Unit of the Catalonia Civil Guard. 

8.00 p.m.

Closing remarks: The Rt Hon Jordi Jané i Guasch, Councillor for Home Affairs