5th Symposium on «Companies with a human side»

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The 5th Symposium on “Companies with a human side”, has been organised by the Chair for Management by Missions and Corporate Government.  The topic for this edition will be “Leadership and Personal Missions”.

The purpose of this symposium is to offer a human vision of business sustainability based on the cornerstones of the personal mission, the meaning of life for people, and leadership, as well as the impact each individual has on their environment.

Location: Eurostars Hotel de La Reconquista. Oviedo.
Price: €350 
Enrolment and information: Mónica Duchel (Communications Professional) 
Tel. +34 985 24 00 94 | Mob. +34 620 75 69 07 monica@comunicacionprofesional.com
Organised by: Chair for Management by Missions and Corporate Government.    

Sponsoring companies: 

08.45 a.m.     

Welcoming attendees.  Accreditation and documentation.

09.15 a.m.   

Opening session. Welcome to the Symposium

  • Pablo Junceda. General Director of SabadellHerrero

09.45 a.m.     

Round table ‘Personal Mission and Leadership’.                        

  • Alejo Sison. University of Navarra
  • José Luis Ortiz Francisco de Vitoria University
  • Mireia Tintoré. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

11.15 a.m.       

Coffee break

12.00 p.m.      

Companies that promote their employees’ personal missions

Case #1: Telefónica | “Strength of purpose”

  • Katherine Semler. Faculty Universitas Telefónica

Case #2: ISS Facility Services | “Find your niche: the meaning of work”

  • Joaquim Borrás. President of ISS Spain and Portugal.

1.40 p.m.        

Recognition and support for the companies linked to the Chair

2 p.m. 

Light lunch

3.30 p.m.        

Missions and leadership:  How can I apply these ideas in my company?

Round table

4.30 p.m.

Leadership Focused on the Mission

  • Pablo Cardona. IESE / CEIBS

5.30 p.m.       

Closing session

  • Javier Soto. General Director of MAPFRE (North-East)

5.45 p.m.        

End of Symposium

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