Can a robot take your job?

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The Global Biz Club, an alumni club set up by graduates of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, would like to invite you to a new session where we will talk about the issue of whether robots can take your job.

Currently some business activities that have traditionally been assigned to humans are now being carried out by machines. We are not only referring to the substitution of factory workers with robots, a well-known fact, but also to other positions where it was not so common before. Bank employees to call centre workers are being substituted by “bots” (chatbots) which recommend the company’s best products.

This phenomenon will grow exponentially and threaten highly complex activities (for example, due to the introduction of automatically driven cars). The analytical ability with which a machine can be programmed beforehand by humans, based on an inferred model, makes this possible. This is where artificial intelligence fed by Big Data comes from. 


— Jordi Gil, founder and CSO of Pervasive Technologies
— Agustí Amorós, Business Development Manager at AIS Aplicaciones de Ingelicencia Artificial S.A. 
— Jorge Chial, Sales and Business Development Lead, Connected Hub of Fira Barcelona 
— Jordi Pelegrí, Business Development Manager at Universal Robots A/S 
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