Closing session Foros 2018. Jordi Pimàs. "Suburbia"

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Following talks by Alejandro Haiek, Itziar González Virós and Toni Cumella, among others, the seventh edition of Foros -coorganized by BBConstrumat- will come to an end with a lecture by Catalan engineer and architect Jordi Pimàs. His lecture, entitled “Suburbia”, will discuss the importance of the field as a basis for innovation in building processes. “Sustainable development only makes sense if it helps improve quality of life, broadly speaking. It is important to take into account the kind of local economy the act of building generates, as well as the impact of production processes on landscape and society due to their material nature. Our architecture is based on savoir-faire and the resources that are available and/or mobilisable locally. Resources that, though considered modest, have a clear capacity to produce a favourable impact on the areas they come from and generate a more prosperous local reality”, concludes Jordi Pimàs.

The lecture is officially sponsored by Evowall, a company specialising in the construction of prefabricated houses from traditional materials, with over 20 years of experience in the sector. The speaker will be presented by Santi Alcaraz Ribes, Technical Director for Evowall.

Member and founding partner of the studio 1984 Architectes, in 2014, Jordi Pimàs, alongside the other three members of the team, won the so-called Albums of Young Architects and Landscape Architects, a distinction awarded each year by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Jordi Pimàs has also taught at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio (Switzerland).

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Aula Magna
Carrer de la Inmaculada 22
UIC Barcelona School of Architecture