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This exam consists of two tests, a written test and an oral test. Its main objective is to assess whether the candidate has the language competence necessary to teach in English. In some cases, the language skills assessed within the exam correspond to a B2 level under the CEFR and in others to a C1 level under the CEFR. 

This exam is intended for academic staff (PDI) interested in certifying the level of language competence required to teach in English at a university level.

When will it take place?

  • Writing test (90 minutes): Friday 28 June 2019 at 1 p.m. on the Barcelona Campus.
  • Speaking test (30 minutes; individual): Tuesday 25 June to Friday 12 July 2019, at times to be agreed upon, on both the Barcelona and Sant Cugat campuses.

Further information

Institute for Multilingualism