Legal Language Event: "Rebus Sic Stantibus"

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The Faculty of Law is organising the first UIC Barcelona Legal Language Event with the aim of reflecting on current jargon, the challenges and difficulties of this type of language and to share experiences both at a national and an international level. 


9.15 a.m. Introduction

9.30 Talk by University of Navarra lecturer, Dr Ruth Breeze: “Plain Language? What can we learn from other experiences?”

10 a.m. Talk by Princeton University lecturer Dr Anna Alsina: “What can we learn from the American experience (both the United States and countries in Latin America)? 

10.30 Talk by lawyer/partner at Jausas-Fieldfisher, Pablo Franquet: “Writing to win: legal aerodynamics”

11 a.m. Coffee break

11.30 Talk by University of Barcelona lecturers, Dr Maria Ángeles García and Dr Irene Yúfera: “We will write clearly, full stop: unlearning what you have learnt in expert writing classrooms”. 

12 noon Talk by full professor from Rey Juan Carlos University and lawyer for the Spanish General Courts, solicitor and novelist, Dr Luis Maria Cazorla: “Towards the destruction of legal language?”

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