A neuroscientific approach to tackling learning difficulties

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On 12th June, the director of Arrowsmith School and the Arrowsmith Programme, Barbara Arrowsmith, will give a talk entitled: “A neuroscientific approach to tackling learning difficulties”

In the session, Arrowsmith will talk about her lines of research and the results achieved over the 35 years she has been working as an educator and researcher.  She will describe a series of learning disorders, from those that affect pupils in schools to those that affect all of us in life.  

She will also talk about cognitive failures, areas of weakness that we are all familiar with, and which we often explain by saying: “I’m simply not good at finding my way around, recognising faces, etc” She will also refer to cognitive imbalances, situations that take place when the demand to complete a task is incompatible with cognitive function and the challenges this involves.