In order to learn, it is necessary to know the full range of options available in any course of action and to be able to choose the most suitable. In our treatments at CUO we use a wide range of techniques and materials. This enables students to become familiar with the different features and advantages of each product.

Each term we alternative suppliers each term to ensure familiarity with different product brands (such as silicone, cement, alginates and resins), which means that in the last two years we have dealt with six different product brands, all of which were first approved by the department.

We are always on the lookout for the best; not necessarily in terms of the products themselves, but in ensuring that they are adapted correctly to each specific situation. In addition, we also take into account the personal factor and encourage students to use the materials which they most enjoy working with.

The students themselves need to obtain certain rotary instruments, such as dental turbines and contra-angle hand pieces. The clinic works with different commercial firms who are invited to explain the characteristics and advantages of their products in specialised sessions with the students.