12th Conference «European Culture»
24-26 October 2013
Barcelona, Spain

The 12th “European Culture” Conference took place in Barcelona on 24-26 October 2013 at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) and was organised by the Charlemagne Institute for European Studies which forms part of the university.

The Organising Committee welcomed 240 participants from 40 countries from both inside and outside Europe. More than 225 papers were presented that focused on a wide range of topics. These included literature, travel, cinema, gastronomy, European identity, the cultural and social aspects of European integration, public space, heritage, cultural management, language and translation, culture and the city, economy and crisis, migration and new identities as well as many more thought-provoking topics.

Some of the papers presented will be selected by the Scientific Committee to be published in electronic format, with an ISBN, in the Conference Proceedings. 



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