100 Latin American MBA Students Learn about Strategic Management at UIC's ADEN Week

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The UIC partners with ADEN Business School on its MBA in International Management, towards which students can obtain credits by attending ADEN Academic Week in Barcelona. This conference features seminars, networking opportunities and company visits.

From Monday to Friday, 8-12 April 2013, close to a hundred Latin American MBA students are attending ADEN Academic Week, a conference held annually at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC). For several years, the UIC has been collaborating with ADEN Business School on its MBA in International Management, towards which credits can be obtained by participating in the various activities held as part of ADEN Academic Week in Barcelona. These include seminars, visits to companies and a specific networking session.

The aim of ADEN Week is to offer participants specific training on strategic management and leadership skills. Business management students from nine Latin American countries (Panama, Guatemala, Argentina, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Ecuador) are attending this year's conference, the highlight of which will be the launch of the International Networking session. This event, which will last all morning on Wednesday, 10 April, will boast the involvement of companies such as Centro Europeo de Evolución Económica (CEDEC), Nutrexpa, LEITAT, Intel, Semillas Fitó, the RB Group and TMI Spain. These companies will have the opportunity to share experiences and explore new business prospects in Spain and Latin America with the students in attendance.

The conference also includes expert-led seminars on leadership and motivation, change management and management by missions. In addition, participants will visit organizations such as the Barcelona Port Authority, Caves Freixenet and the Mahou Group, all of which stand out for their respective business internationalization models.

The UIC's MBA in International Management offers students a complete overview of the different aspects of business through a multidisciplinary programme covering constantly evolving fields such as marketing, communication, social media and integrated logistics. This year's programme will draw to an end on Friday, 12 April, when diplomas will be presented to the students who have completed the course.