The 17th ILA Conference on Leadership comes to an end

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This annual international conference, which was organised by the International Leadership Association (ILA) and this year took place in Barcelona, welcomed over one thousand people from more than fifty different nationalities. The conference's academic coordinator was Faculty of Education lecturer Mireia Tintoré.

The 17th ILA Conference on Leadership comes to an end

The International Leadership Association is a global network for all those who practice, study and teach leadership. This year's theme was "Leading Across Borders and Generations", and the edition was inaugurated by Dr Tintoré, Vice-President and Academic Coordinator of the conference, Dr Joan Matero, on behalf of the Government of Catalonia, and Michael Brandeburg, as conference President.

The event served as an opportunity to present a number of different projects, including "Do It Yourself in Education (DIYLab)", by fellow UIC Barcelona Faculty of Education lecturer Maria Domingo-Coscollola, as well as UB lecturers Juana M. Sancho-Gil, the project director, and Judith Arrazola-Carballo.

DIYLab is a project which aims to place students at the centre of the educational experience by turning them into the producer of their own learning materials. DIYLab has already been implemented in three countries: Spain, Finland and the Czech Republic.

During the ILA conference, other UIC lecturers also took part in workshops and sessions, and helped review the submitted projects. Faculty of Education students specialising in leadership also participated in the conference as volunteers.