The 2016-2017 sports season at UIC Barcelona

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On 3 November an event opening the Sports season was held on our Barcelona campus in the Aula Jardí room.  More than one hundred sportspeople attended the event.  Pep Marí, a high level sports psychologist, gave a conference/workshop about how students can achieve maximum performance in their studies and sports competitions. 

“We live how we play”. This is one of the premises held by Pep Marí, a psychologist from the CAR centre in Sant Cugat. He is a frustrated sportsperson who discovered a passion for psychology and has worked with international and national champions as a sports psychologist. Marí gave a talk-workshop to students, in which he talked about the requirement to achieve high performance, and the cornerstones which students need to establish as part of their lifestyle to obtain the best results. He also talked about counteractive pressures in decisive moments and the difference between implication and commitment to your teammates.  “High performance sportspeople should be able to, want to, know and learn from their mistakes in order to achieve the best performance in their sport”. 

Belén Zárate, Vice-Rector for the University Community, presided over the event and talked to students about the value of sport at university.  “Doing sports at UIC Barcelona is a fundamental tool for your overall development as people. As well as promoting healthy physical growth, we want you to learn values such as comradeship, effort, determination, commitment and professionalism”.  Subsequently, Ernest Martínez, Head of the Sports Service, described the successes and triumphs of the previous year and talked about new sports projects at the university.