UIC Barcelona hosts the 2018 HEURO Overseas Mission conference

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A total of 35 representatives from universities in the United Kingdom attended the event.

UIC Barcelona hosts the 2018 HEURO Overseas Mission conference

The 2018 HEURO Overseas Mission conference took place at UIC Barcelona on 29 and 30 of November. Representatives of the Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education (SEPIE) attended the conference, as well as  representatives from universities in Catalonia and the United Kingdom.  

Subjects such as opportunities for British universities in Catalonia were discussed at the conference, as well as the relationship between universities after Brexit. The speakers included international higher education experts and professionals. The presence of representatives from the Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education, as well as representatives from the Catalan Government’s Universities and Research Secretariat and from Russell group universities, such as the University of Birmingham and Edinburgh, should be underlined. 

 “At a crucial historical time such as Brexit, welcoming a delegation from British universities at UIC Barcelona was a unique opportunity to consolidate and strengthen relationships with British universities” explained the director of International Relations at UIC Barcelona, Isabel Pera.  

Over the two days, attendees had the opportunity to network, find out more about the other universities and analyse opportunities for future agreements. They were also able to visit both of the UIC Barcelona campuses. “These two days allowed us to get to know each other and explore opportunities for international agreements between British universities, Catalan universities and faculties at UIC Barcelona” said Pera. 

The aim of the HEURO Overseas Mission is for Spanish, Catalan and British professionals to be able to understand each respective system, general developments, challenges and international mobility problems, as well as share good practices and provide universities with the opportunity to build bridges and opportunities to work together.