Advertising and Public Relations students enjoy a session with the Roldós agency

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Carolina Santiago and Enrique Soriano, account directors at Roldós Publicidad, the oldest advertising agency in the world, gave an insight into the daily life of a media agency to third year students of Advertising and Public Relations.

As part of the subject Audiovisual System Structure, students had a great opportunity to get to know the everyday workings of an advertising agency. Based on genuine cases, they learned about the tasks performed by a media planner, about the kind of relationship they have with their clients and how to negotiate advertising space.

With regard to the planning process, the presenters maintained that “good planning is based on three principles: the information provided by the tools we work with, the intuition we acquire through experience and, above all, a high level of transparency towards the customer”.

With a track record going back 145 years, Roldós Publicidad has become the world's oldest active media agency and is considered the most important one in Spain, reinventing itself in response to technological advances and changes in the industry.