Advertising and Public Relations students participate in the International Drac Novell Awards

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María Cornadó and Xavier Matas, first year Advertising and Public Relations students, recently participated in the 18th edition of the International Drac Novell Awards. This year the awards were organised by the Faculty of Communication Sciences in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and were held on 24 and 25 November. 

The students presented a proposal for a digital campaign for the ‘Cacaolat’ brand. They did so to participate in the section of the festival entitled ’24-hour Creativity Briefing’ which involves the creation of an advertising campaign in 24 hours based on a briefing project provided by the organisers. 

The International Drac Novell Awards is an international festival that students and/or degree holders in journalism or communication can participate in up to 2 years after they graduate.  It is the only festival in the world that is exclusively dedicated to advertising students and which brings together the business and the academic sectors.