The Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) awards a grant to two of the Faculty of Education's research groups

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A project presented jointly by the research groups ​​SIRSU and GRADI of UIC Barcelona's Faculty of Education, led by the lecturer Salvador Vidal, has received a research grant to improve teacher training.

The project, entitled “Global Plan to integrate mathematical, scientific and linguistic skills into initial teacher training” aims, as explained by Salvador Vidal, vice dean of the faculty and lead researcher for the project, to “develop a cross-cutting training model that should lead to an improvement in the mathematical, scientific and linguistic skills of future primary school teachers in terms of concepts, procedures and attitudes”.

The award of this grant represents, in the words of Vidal, “recognition of the great deal of work accomplished as a research group through teamwork and best practices”. Furthermore, the grant will help improve teacher training, something very necessary given that “our society is changing very rapidly", says Vidal, "and continuous training is a must. We want to identify needs in the processes of teaching and learning, collaborate with our schools on work placements, identify best practices in leading countries and design and implement integrated training strategies for developing skills”.

The change in the training model proposed by the project responds to the social necessity of improving scientific and mathematical literacy with the aim of encouraging innovative methodological strategies.