Applications are now being accepted for the 3rd edition of the Albert Jovell Awards

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For the third straight year, Janssen, in conjunction with Cátedras en Red, of which UIC Barcelona is a member, is organising the 3rd edition of the Albert Jovell Awards Forum, which aims to turn the spotlight on markedly social or humanistic activities or projects that are aligned with the values championed by Dr Albert J. Jovell, once a lecturer and founder of the Institute for Public Health and Patients at UIC Barcelona. Jovell was a staunch supporter of patients' rights and developed an innovative approach to the medical profession, the defence of public healthcare and the central role of patients in the health system.

The projects submitted as part of this call must prove effective in improving health outcomes for patients around Spain and be consistent with an affective-effective healthcare model. The projects must have been developed by one of the following collectives: patient associations, health-related foundations or NGOs, social or health workers in an individual capacity or through scientific entities, official associations or care centres, universities, journalists and people who have dedicated their careers to raising awareness about or improving health outcomes for patients. The awards are divided into seven categories, each of which will include a first and second-place prize worth €3,000 and €1,000, respectively.

Anyone interested in applying must submit the official registration form available on the website before 3 April.