Arzubialde Analyses Structure of Advertising Agencies in Session for Fourth-Year Advertising Students

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Advertising professional Elvira Arzubialde spoke on Wednesday, 16 January 2013, to students in the fourth year of the Advertising and Public Relations degree programme about the internal structure of advertising agencies.

Arzubialde began by
reviewing her professional career and the very different positions she has held
in different ad agencies.

With more than 25 years
of experience in advertising and communication, Arzubialde has specialized in
the pharmaceutical and health industries in the last ten years. She encouraged
the students not to be afraid about working in any area of an agency. "You
can make your own decision about staying in the position or changing to learn
more", she said. Arzubialde also pointed out, "Ultimately, the most
valuable people are the ones who contribute the most".

The lecture focused on
the structure of advertising agencies. Arzubialde discussed the different tasks
of each area and the importance of each one in the final product.

Elvira Arzubialde was
the CEO of McCann Healthcare and McCann Humancare in Barcelona and then moved
into European Business Development at McCann Healthcare Worldwide. Before that,
she worked for McCann Erickson and Ipublica. She was also a founding member of
SP. She currently works for Sudler & Hennessey.

Besides her professional
responsibilities, Arzubialde is a trustee of the curArte Foundation and has
worked with educational institutions such as the Universidad
de Navarra, the Universidad de Palma de Mallorca, CEU Valencia, INSA, ESADE and ISM.