Audiovisual Communication students remake a scene from "La La Land"

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Directed by lecturer Geoffrey Cowper, first and second year Audiovisual Communication students remade a sequence from the film La La Land as part of the second edition of the extracurricular activity entitled “Remaking”.

The Faculty of Communication Sciences organised this extracurricular activity, which consisted of the analysis of a complex film sequence to subsequently plan and undertake a film shoot that implemented the same framing and had the same impression on spectators. This year, lecturer Geoffrey Cowper, film director, was in charge of coordinating this workshop.

After three weeks of studying and preparation, students filmed the most famous scene from La La Land: where the starring couple look over the city from a scenic viewpoint and then start tap dancing.

With few resources, but plenty of enthusiasm and creativity, our students replicated the scene from one of the scenic viewpoints on Tibidabo hill, thus achieving an effect that is very similar to the moment in the multi award-winning film (seven Golden Globes, five Oscars, and five Baftas, etc).