Business Administration students attend the Economists’ Seminar on cities and innovation

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The event, organised by the Association of Economists, featured a series of industry professionals

For yet another year, students from the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences had the opportunity to attend the Economists’ Seminar. This time, the event organised by the Association of Economists revolved around the topic “City and Innovation: Forum for Knowledge and Creation”.

Consequently, the future economists and businesspeople studying at UIC Barcelona had the chance to attend a session in which industry professionals addressed a wide range of issues, from entrepreneurship to changes in financial legislation, how to make companies more innovative and Barcelona’s vital role as a European biomedical research hub.

The students were joined by Marta Mas, dean of the Faculty and lecturer in strategic management; Cristina Tresserres, lecturer in human resource management, and Nina Magovedova, lecturer in entrepreneurship. Other attendees included lecturers Ramon Bastida and Juan Antonio Astorga.

According to Dr Mas, these sessions give students the chance to “listen to economy industry leaders first-hand, as well as apply and relate the theoretical knowledge learnt in class with the reality of companies and economies”.