Carme Lluveras: «Journalists Have the Power to Build Up or Destroy Athletes»

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Carme Lluveras, a former basketball player and the coach and managing director of the Ciudad Ros Casares team, gave a talk on the subject of sports information in basketball on Thursday, 25 April 2013. The session took place within the framework of the module on Sports Photojournalism and Design, which is part of the Master's Degree in Sports Journalism.

Carme Lluveras: «Journalists Have the Power to Build Up or Destroy Athletes»

During the talk, Lluveras shared her personal history with the students and told them how she began her career in the world of basketball. Her comprehensive training in and study of the sport was carried out in the field of men’s basketball, after which she embarked on further studies in order to become a coach. For a number of years she coached women’s teams, before deciding to begin a new stage in her career and coach men’s teams. Lluveras spoke of how she had difficulties entering the male world at first, but finally managed to carve out a role for herself as a coach of men’s teams.

In her session, Lluveras also looked at how information is treated and the role of the media in the world of women’s basketball, comparing Spanish domestic competitions with others from around the world. She underlined the fact that “journalists are the ones with the power to build up or destroy athletes”.

The talk was part of the Sports Photojournalism and Design Workshop module, which is taught by Carlos Pérez de Rozas and Javier Rodríguez.