Communication Students Visit «Red Band Society» Studios

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As part of the subject Television Series Production and Filming, fourth-year Audiovisual Communication students had the chance to experience firsthand the studios where the successful Catalan television series "Polseres Vermelles" ("The Red Band Society") is filmed. The visit forms part of the curriculum, as the students will have to develop their own series from scratch.

Communication Students Visit «Red Band Society» Studios

Visiting the site where a professional, commercially successful fiction series is developed allowed the students to contextualize the theories learned in class so that they may be able to apply them in the development of their own projects.

In fact, the final project for the subject consists of analysing and developing an entire television series from scratch, just as if they were producers and directors. With the guided tour of the Polseres Vermelles studios, the students were able to come into direct contact with the elements needed to create a series of this magnitude: the artistic team, the technical team, the location and the production of a day of filming.

During the final project, groups of students will give a presentation explaining how they would organize the location of a television series if they were directly responsible for its production. Ultimately, the goal is to apply the concepts explored through the theory taught in class, the visit to a real-life location and the critical analysis of other popular series chosen by the students.