The IESF takes part in a conference at the MGU in Moscow and signs an agreement with the university

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Montserrat Gas, director of the Institute for Advanced Family Studies, presented some results in Moscow from her research project “Older Parents, Generations and Family Solidarity” produced by the Santander IsFamily Chair.

The presentation entitled “The family as a resource of intergenerational solidarity relations. Specific applications for ageing societies: the case of Spain”, was prepared in conjunction with Belén Zárate. It was presented at one of the plenary sessions at the International Conference on Psychological Problems of the Modern Family, held in Moscow between 3 and 6 October 2018 at Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU) ( Moscow State University, founded in 1755, is the largest and oldest university in the Russian Federation.

The Institute for Advanced Family Studies was invited to take part in the conference by Dr Elena Zakharova, professor in the Faculty of Psychology at MGU and director of the family psychology section of the Russian Psychological Society.

The conference also afforded the opportunity to sign a cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Psychology at MGU and the Institute for Advanced Family Studies at UIC Barcelona. The aim of this agreement is to work together on research projects on family relations and their potential to build cohesive and supportive societies.