Conrad Vilanou: “You are the foundations of a building that should be steeped in love, the true cornerstone of any building”.

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Conrad Vilanou, full professor of the Theory and History of Education at the University of Barcelona, was patron of the latest Pre-Primary Education graduates. The graduation ceremony took place last Thursday, in the Main Lecture Hall on our Barcelona campus.

Salvador Vidal, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Education, opened the event, using a metaphor- a “journey around the world of Education”- to refer to this new stage in life for the new graduates. “This journey-he said to the new graduates- can last for several years, so put on your hat that contains knowledge of ethics, values and continuing education”.

In his lecture entitled “Love, the cornerstone of pedagogy”, full professor Conrad Viladomiu, underlined the importance of the teaching profession: “From today onwards you will have a voice to guide the steps of children who are now in the initial stages of their schooling”.  He encouraged them to not forget about each child’s personal pathway, and to understand the individual situations of children in their care: “All of us, before being teachers, were pupils; in the same way that before we learned to speak, we had to listen”.

Finally, after a speech from the class representative, the Dean of the Faculty, Esther Jiménez, underlined the fact that “being a teacher not only consists of being a good professional”. “You will be responsible for the most fragile, curious, dynamic and sincere people who are also the most likely to surprise you”, she said.

The event concluded with the new graduates receiving their diplomas and then some refreshments were offered.