Cotelo shares the message his projects aim to transmit with UIC Barcelona students

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Juan Manuel Cotelo, founder of the production company Infinito más uno, talked about his projects and the message they aim to transmit with UIC Barcelona students, at a colloquium organised by the Vice-Rectorate for the University Community on 17 May.

Cotelo shares the message his projects aim to transmit with UIC Barcelona students

During the talk, which was moderated by Alfonso Méndiz, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Cotelo described his professional trajectory and how Infinito más uno began. He underlined the importance of God in his work “both as the cause and protagonist of his films and documentaries”, as he said in his own words.

The director explained that the fact that God is the reason behind his films has a single purpose: to serve the spectator, using the same tools that are required to tell a story via cartoons, or undertake a field study in economics or politics. In the film La última cima, for example, he talks about the life of a priest who dies among the Aragonese mountains.

The driving force behind his work is to trust what he believes is positive for him-  to always trust what he feels inside and what he knows to be true. “Trust, because that feeling is correct”- stated Cotelo. The whole world can come along and say no to you. But no suffering is worse than not trying something you know you must try”.

He is currently working on a film called El mayor regalo, a testimony-film with only one message: forgiveness. It showcases various stories from countries such as Columbia, France and Equatorial Guinea, focusing on people who ask for forgiveness and who forgive.  One of the protagonists in this film is the former leader of a criminal organisation who killed thousands of people and it shows his need to ask for forgiveness for what he did.

Cotel’s films have been shown around the world. Mary’s Land, for example, premièred in twenty-seven countries and La última cima in eighteen.