Course Gives Tips on Succeeding in Architecture

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The course «Tools in Your Profession» was organized by the Training Office of the UIC and the ESARQ School of Architecture. Experts such as Dr. Victor Kuppers and the architect Juan Calatrava gave tips on entrepreneurship and how to face the profession with optimism in the context of the current economic crisis.

Course Gives Tips on Succeeding in Architecture

The course was held on Thursday and Friday, 25-26 April 2013. Thursday's session focused on theory and was made up of two lectures. Victor Kuppers gave the lecture "Going Through Life with Enthusiasm and A Positive Attitude" and Juan Calatrava gave the lecture "Written Architecture: On Buildings and Books".

Friday's session was divided into two practical workshops in which students had to work together in groups. The first took place in the morning and focused on communication, impact and influence. In the workshop, students examined the importance of communication to generate impact and influence, on both a personal and a professional level. They also learned the importance of communication as a basic skill for good personal and professional development. The workshop dealt with both verbal communication and nonverbal communication, such as image and attitude.

The second workshop took place in the afternoon and focused on teamwork, flexibility and proactivity. The purpose of the workshop was to make students aware of the importance of teamwork, its benefits and the best way to manage it effectively.