Double degree for UIC Barcelona School of Architecture students, due to a new agreement with the University of Belgrano

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On Monday 2 November the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture and the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in the University of Belgrano (Argentina) signed a cooperation agreement. This agreement will make it possible to teach the first international double degree in the School of Architecture.

Based on this agreement, School of Architecture students who complete their fifth year and one semester of sixth year in the Faculty of Architecture in the University of Belgrano will graduate with two degrees: one taught at UIC Barcelona and one taught in the Argentinian university. The same will be the case with University of Belgrano students, who will have to study for the equivalent amount of time in Barcelona. Therefore, students who take this double degree that promotes mobility will obtain two degrees that will make them eligible to work both in Argentina and Spain by studying for an extra year and a half.

The degree from the University of Belgrano will also provide accreditation from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the most prestigious international architecture institute in the world. This accreditation will ensure that students are eligible to continue to study at a postgraduate level or work in the United Kingdom.