Dr. Carrillo Analyses Classroom Challenges Faced by New Teachers at Conference in Belgium

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Dr. Carmen Carrillo, a professor at the UIC's Faculty of Education, spoke at the European Association for Music in Schools' Annual Conference, for which this year's theme was «The Reflective Music Teacher». She gave the lecture «Describing Praxis-Shock and Its Impact on Teaching Practice».

In her lecture "Describing Praxis-Shock and Its Impact on Teaching Practice: a Case Study", Dr. Carrillo discussed the practical challenges faced by new teachers during the early years of their career and the impact these can have.

Throughout the programme, the conference examined the changing role of music teachers in music teaching and learning processes. As per the theme, "The Reflective Music Teacher", one of the central focuses was the function of reflection on the part of teachers, particularly within the context of European diversity. The conference drew on a broad range of experiences, from classroom practitioners to student music teachers and researchers.