Dr Isabel Villanueva won a prize at the XXVII CAC Awards for Audiovisual Communication Research

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The Vice-Dean for the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Dr Isabel Villanueva Benito, was awarded first prize at the XXVII CAC Awards for Audiovisual Communication Research which is organised by the Catalan Audiovisual Council (CAC). 

The project that Dr Isabel Villanueva presented was entitled “La mediatización audiovisual de la ópera como proceso de apertura a nuevos públicos en el siglo XXI” (The Audiovisual Impact of Opera as a Process of Opening up to New Audiences in the 21st Century).  It is a theoretical study and empirical analysis which establishes methods to adapt to the current context of opera-related communication processes, in order to create an efficient dialogue with the audience and to attract a larger audience.

The Catalan Audiovisual Council organises the CAC Awards for Audiovisual Communication Research with the aim of awarding good quality research projects on audiovisual communication created at an individual level. Research projects on any topic connected to audio-visual communication services (linear or non-linear) in the broadest sense of the concept can be presented, independently of the format. Likewise, the projects can be undertaken in any discipline or area of knowledge, such as communication, law, economics, political science or sociology.