Dr. Montserrat Gas presented a paper at a conference in Oxford

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Professor Montserrat Gas Aixendri, Director of the Higher Institute of Family and StudiesVice-Dean Faculty of Law, has participated in the International Congress "Freedom of, for, form, within religion: Differing dimensions of a common right", last 8 to 11 September at St. Hugh's College (Oxford).

In her presentation Gas speak about the situation of religious diversity in Europe and the legal implications of religious affiliation with the State. This work highlights the high level of protection of European religious freedom but added that it will be necessary to ensure that all States in Europe ensure that this right does not cause of social discrimination.

Congress organized by the International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies (ICLARS), Brigham Young University (USA) and Regent's Park College (Oxford), brought together more than 150 teachers and experts in Law and Religion around the world, whose objective is to study the various dimensions of religious freedom, as well as current legal disputes in relation to respect for religious traditions, proselytism, immigration, security, equality and non-discrimination on religious grounds.