Dr Vidal speaks in Paris about neuroscience applied to teaching mathematics

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His talk was part of the 7th International Congress on Education and Learning

Dr Salvador Vidal recently took part in the 7th International Congress on Education and Learning, held at the Denis Diderot University in Paris, with a talk entitled “Neuroscience Applied to the Teaching of Mathematics and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”. 

In his presentation, the vice-dean of the Faculty of Education at UIC Barcelona discussed the different discoveries that neuroscience has contributed to the teaching and learning of mathematics in the Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education.

“Neuroscience tells us that our brains save what we learn better when it has an emotional component. A cheerful disposition also leaves a bigger mark on our brains and is a source of inspiration for creativity”, explains Vidal. 

The lecturer in the Faculty of Education also pointed out that teaching and learning is one of the strengths of the SDGs and that he strives to provide students the necessary knowledge, skills and motivation to understand and address these goals.