Eighth Edition of Postgraduate Programme in Marriage and Family Education (MEF) Gets Under Way

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October saw the inauguration of the eighth edition of the Postgraduate Programme in Marriage and Family Education (MEF).

The on-campus opening session took place on Saturday, 20 October 2012. The programme coordinator, María Pilar Lacorte, and course lecturer Jordi Ferraz welcomed the new students on behalf of the Institute of Advanced Family Studies (IESF) and spoke about the dynamics and content of the programme. They were followed by the lecturer Gabriel Fernández, who gave a practical demonstration of how to use the online platform. The Internet-based format of this programme, which focuses on the reality of marital and family life, means the training it provides is highly flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs and circumstances of a wide range of people. It can also be delivered to a large number of students.

Since its commencement in 2005, the MEF has been completed by over 500 students from Spain and Latin America, with a varied demographic profile:

· Sex: 60% women, 40% men

· Average age: 37

· Country of origin: most of the students have been from Spain, although 15% of alumni to date have been from Latin America.