ESARQ School of Architecture and Association of Geographers Sign Partnership Agreement

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The ESARQ School of Architecture at the UIC has signed a partnership agreement with the Association of Geographers. Through this agreement, all members of the Association of Geographers will get a 10% discount on the Master's Degree in Regenerating Intermediate Landscapes at the ESARQ School of Architecture. 

The master's degree provides students with a methodological grounding in the regeneration of contemporary landscapes that are both hybrid in nature and undergoing transformation, through an integrated regional and local project.

The term intermediate landscapes refers to a new technical and intellectual approach to dealing with complex challenges such as preserving culturally valuable areas, regenerating sectors of the informal city, recycling low-density urban systems, designing metropolitan river corridors and transforming thoroughfares so they are more manageable. This requires alternative tools and, above all, a new technical mediation approach with the capacity to strategically integrate community design and regional design.