Exchange students with 27 different nationalities arrive at UIC Barcelona

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More than 120 exchange students have taken part in three days of workshops, sessions and cultural visits welcoming them to UIC Barcelona. In descending order, the faculties taking in the highest number of exchange students are: Economic and Social Sciences, Communication Sciences, Medicine and Healthcare Sciences and Dentistry.

Exchange students with 27 different nationalities arrive at UIC Barcelona

The highest share of exchange students come from: Germany, Italy, Mexico and Peru. Interestingly, UIC Barcelona is also hosting students with less common nationalities, such as Panama, Egypt, Norway, Taiwan or Korea.

The aim of these initial welcome days is to allow the exchange students to get to know one another and UIC Barcelona first-hand as well as everything they have to know for the months they will be staying at the university and in the city of Barcelona.

The students, apart from being welcomed by the International Relations service, also attended sessions with the academic coordinators from each faculty, the Institute for Multilingualism and Student Services. A mentoring programme for international students has also been in place since last year where they are buddied up with students in their final years at UIC Barcelona. This programme was explained at the welcome session.

On the last day, a guided bus tour was organised showing the students the tourist hotspots across Barcelona. The route was conducted by three official guides and the students were accompanied by members of the International Relations service.

Benvinguda alumnes d'intercanvi