The Faculty of Communication Sciences, at the Sitges Festival

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Ten days of film, red carpets, horror, fantasy and... popcorn. This year, several lecturers from the Faculty of Communication Sciences at UIC Barcelona were present at the 52nd edition of the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, held in Sitges. From the presentation of a feature film, to participation as a member of one of the juries.

The Faculty of Communication Sciences, at the Sitges Festival

[In the photo: the Cocoon section jury (Albert Pinto, Isadora García and Daniel Cohen, director of the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival) with Geoffrey Cowper, to the right].

On the one hand, producer Arturo Méndiz, winner of three Goya Awards for different short films and an Oscar nominee last year for Timecode, premièred his first feature film, Cuerdas [Ropes], at this year’s Sitges Film Festival. The film tells the story of a young quadriplegic girl who, left alone in a country house, has to fight off a dog.

Oscar Sueiro, head of the Faculty’s Digital Media Studios, also presented his latest work. Oscar worked as director, scriptwriter and cinematographer for the short film Ritual, which premièred at the festival in the Brigadoon section.

Elsewhere, Geoffrey Cowper and Violeta Kovacsics helped coordinate the Sitges Cocoon (virtual reality) section and Festival newspaper, to which lecturer Kovacsics also contributed as a writer.

Lastly, lecturer Isadora García took part as a member of the Cocoon section jury.