The Faculty of Dentistry was strongly represented and also received an award at the SEPES 2016 Conference

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A large number of professors and students from the Faculty of Dentistry at UIC Barcelona led by Dr Lluis Giner and Dr Sandra Fernández, Dean and Vice-Dean of the faculty respectively, attended the 46th Annual Conference of the Spanish Society for Stomatological and Aesthetic Prostheses on 13, 14 and 15 October. The conference was held at Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall in Bilbao. 

More than 2.200 people attended the conference and the following UIC Barcelona Professors and Lecturers gave presentations: Ramón Asensio, Victoria Sanchez D’Onofrio, Alejandra Millán and Miguel Roig.  Francisco Real, Alfons Quintana, Marta Serrat, Alberto José Tarozzi, Natalia Álvarez-Maldonado, Thomas Blanc, Esteban Padullés-Gaspar, Ramón Serrat, Serio Estefanía, Luis Carlos Garza, Elena Sicilia, Ignacio Ginabreda, Belén Larruscain, Gemma Casasayas and Ricardo Díez also presented papers at this event. 


Natalia Álvarez Maldonado was given the award for the best SEPES clinical case paper. Borja Baldrich was given a SEPES Research Aid Grant, which provides financial support in order to undertake research projects related to Stomatological and Aesthetic Prostheses.