The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences at the Economists Conference

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On Friday 27 October, students and lecturers from the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences at UIC Barcelona participated in the 2017 Economists Conference, organised by the Society of Economists of Catalonia. 

The event brought together more than 1.500 people.  The topic covered in this edition was “Artificial intelligence and digital transformation 4.0. in the economy, in companies and in society” with the opening speech given by Mr Luca de Meo, president of Seat.

During the talks which made up the programme on how digital transformation to 4.0 or the “fourth revolution” is affecting different fields such as finance, health, taxation, accounting, etc, the impact of robotisation was discussed, as well as business models and cybersecurity.  The new training needs that have arisen in order to adapt to these circumstances were also mentioned.

Marta Mas, Dean of the Faculty and professors Cristina Tresserras and Nina Magomedova participated in this event, along with a group of 3rd and 4th year Business (ADE) students.

As part of the event, a few days beforehand, the Society of Economists of Catalonia also awarded a prize for the best university CV.  The student who won the prize this year was Anna Bistué, an ADE student who recently graduated.