The Faculty of Humanities holds Promise event with its new graduates

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Students, lecturers and university staff bid farewell to the academic year with a celebration opening the door to the Alumni community

The Faculty of Humanities holds Promise event with its new graduates

Students from the Faculty of Humanities graduated on 28 June, but prior to the ceremony, students and lecturers took part in the Promise event for Humanities. The event opened the door to remaining part of the UIC Barcelona community. 

At the opening of the event, Judith Urbano, dean of the faculty, addressed the new graduates encouraging them to come back to the university at any time where they could always rely on the lecturers who supported them over the years.

One of them, Xavier Escribano, took the opportunity to give a more personal and informal speech while also giving some advice: “Keep your feet on the ground, spread your hands out towards others and keep your head critical”. Afterwards, the deputy class representative, Albert Grandes, advised his fellow classmates to never stop learning. 

Following the speeches, Inmaculada Ortega, Alumni, welcomed the new graduates to the community which all professionals who studied at UIC Barcelona are members of. On a final note, graduation photographs and yearbooks were handed out to bring the celebration to a close marking a new chapter in the relationship with the now former students of UIC Barcelona.