The Faculty of Humanities presents the new scientific journal ‘Humanitats’

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The Faculty of Humanities recently presented Humanitats, UIC Barcelona’s first scientific journal. The event was presided by the rector of the University, Dr Xavier Gil, the dean of the Faculty, Dr Judith Urbano, and the editor-in-chief of the new journal, Dr Xavier Baró.

The Faculty of Humanities presents the new scientific journal ‘Humanitats’

The presentation, which was attended by Faculty students and lecturers, as well as members of the University’s Board of Governors, took place in the Aula Jardí. The dean of the Faculty, Judith Urbano, was the person charged with presenting the new publication. She underscored the Faculty’s enthusiasm with the project and thanked everyone who made it possible.

Afterwards, the editor-in-chief of the new journal, Dr Baró, emphasised the cross-disciplinary nature of the journal, which includes articles by authors from a number of different scientific areas, yet always related to humanities. Therefore, in addition to culture, the journal also features authors from the field of medicine, etc. According to Baró, “The journal should not be just another publication on humanities, but a journal on humanities at UIC Barcelona, and should therefore be cross-disciplinary”. The lecturer also urged the students there present to contribute to upcoming editions of the publication in the review section.

Lastly, the rector, on behalf of the entire university, expressed his elation about presenting UIC Barcelona’s first scientific journal. "With this new journal, the Faculty is creating knowledge”, remarked the rector and thanked the lecturers involved in the publication for their hard work and dedication. Dr Gil also pointed out the fact the journal stems from a faculty like Humanities, which, through the subject Anthropology, a compulsory subject in all degree programmes, provides services to the rest of the faculties and is the driving force that ensures “Christian humanism is present throughout the University”.