The family of Carlos Pujol donates the whole of the writer’s personal archive to UIC Barcelona

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Carlos Pujol was a man who was dedicated to literature.  He was always connected to the arts, whether as a reader, a writer, a translator or a teacher.  Pujol gave classes in the Faculty of Humanities for ten years.  His wife, Marta Lagarriga, has now donated his entire personal archive to UIC Barcelona.

The family of Carlos Pujol donates the whole of the writer’s personal archive to UIC Barcelona

Recently she came to the university to sign the donation officially. Teresa Vallès, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, said that the documentation that had been awarded to UIC Barcelona was “very valuable for research purposes”. Carlos Pujol’s personal archive consists of fifteen folders containing personal correspondence, reviews, interviews and press cuttings about books by Carlos Pujol, as well as typescripts and some of his articles, conference papers and some photographs.

For many years Carlos Pujol held a very important role in the Planeta publishing house. He was close to José Manuel Lara and also to his son.  While he worked at this publishing house, he was also a key player at the Planeta Prize awards ceremony.  It is also important to point out the role played by Carlos Pujol in relation to new writers, who he always tried to help a great deal.

Despite not having been successful among a wide audience, Carlos Pujol was highly respected by his colleagues, who above all valued his literary knowledge and his personality.  Pujol, an honest and discreet man, can be considered, in the words of Teresa Vallès, to be “a contemporary humanist, a close at hand role model for the type of humanism the UIC ideology is based on”.

In January, five years after Carlos Pujol’s death, the Faculty of Humanities at UIC Barcelona will hold a conference in honour of this intellectual.