The Ferrer pharmaceutical company once again hosts the Business Meeting for the Management by Missions and Corporate Government Chair (ninth edition)

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The UIC Barcelona Management by Missions and Corporate Government Chair, held the ninth edition of its Business Meeting on 30 November.  On this occasion, the Ferrer international pharmaceutical company, a company that is affiliated to the Chair, was in charge of hosting the event in its facilities on our Sant Cugat campus. 

The topic for the meeting was “the development of culture through new technologies”.  David López, managing director of FHIOS Smart Knowledge and an academic assistant at ESADE was in charge of opening the lecture series.  According to the speaker, “Digital transformation is a new way to look at how to act in a new medium and a new type of society”.  He described the main keys to this transformation and the opportunities and impact it has on the majority of businesses.

During the conference, Alejandro Costa, CEO of Ifeedback, Alex Rios, co-founder of Happy Force, Ángel Domínguez, CTO of Zapiens, and Jaume Gurt, director of development and sales at Team EQ raised awareness of new digital tools that will allow companies to adapt to change and at the same time have a favourable impact on organisations and their employees. 

On the other hand, Álvaro Lléo, a professor from the Department of Industrial Organisation at Tecnun, underlined the fact that companies have to focus on people, thus “increasing the commitment, implication and satisfaction employees feel in their workplaces”.

The meeting ended with speeches from Manel Giraldo, regional director for Aigües de Barcelona, Florent Amion, CEO of Vygon España and Cecilia Col, head of HR at Laboratorios Quinton. The speakers presented the benefits of using different digital tools which, in conjunction with Management by Missions, can be useful in order to manage businesses, take decisions, and to evaluate and obtain results.