Fostering Cultural Awareness Through Storytelling

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On Thursday, 14 May 2015, Nuria Hernández-Castillo and Maria Pujol, professors from the Faculty of Education at UIC Barcelona, presented a paper on promoting cultural awareness through storytelling at the Universitat de València as part of the 2nd International Conference on Teaching Literature in English for Young Learners: Fostering Cultural Awareness.

Fostering Cultural Awareness Through Storytelling

The paper presented and analysed a teaching proposal carried out by Hernández-Castillo and Pujol at a primary school. The objective was for students to learn aspects of English-speaking culture through storytelling.

Storytelling offers numerous educational opportunities, since it allows teachers and students (both adults and children) to share a symbolic space in which reality and fiction come together through language.

The first phase of the project carried out by the professors involved interviewing English teachers at the school. They then held a storytelling session using the illustrated book My Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Never Fall Out by British author Lauren Child (2006). The children then had to carry out different tasks related to the story and were asked to answer a questionnaire.