Fourth-year Nursing students perform a simulation outside on the Sant Cugat Campus

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This is the first highly complex simulation that the students have conducted outside the Comprehensive Centre for Advanced Simulation, in the context of Emergency Management

On 26 October, the gardens on the Sant Cugat Campus set the stage for the first simulation performed outside by students in year four of the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. As part of the subject Emergency Management, coordinated by lecturer Ramón Pedrosa, the participants designed and prepared for the rest of their classmates a case set in street: with the help of actors, the students acted out a road-traffic accident, with two victims in critical condition. Divided into two teams, the students performed the actions necessary to correctly, quickly and efficiently assess the situation. 
At the end of the simulation, the participants shared their impressions with the actors and the rest of the class. The teachers evaluated the competences the students used to correctly assess the patients, and how they handled the incidents that arose during the exercise.
This initiative is the first highly complex simulation, with advanced patient monitoring and real actors, which the Department of Nursing has ever organised outside the Comprehensive Centre for Advanced Simulation.