García Luque Outlines Keys to Historical Sports Reporting

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As part of the Master's Degree Programme in Sports Journalism, the La Vanguardia journalist Javier García Luque, a specialist in writing about sports from a historical perspective, led a session on how to construct a historical sports report.

García Luque Outlines Keys to Historical Sports Reporting

During the talk, the journalist outlined the key considerations and questions that must be taken into account when writing a report and offered tips on how to get started with regards to research and the search for data.

García Luque noted that it is important to link historical reports to events that are currently in the public spotlight, thereby providing a "hook" to draw in the reader and ensuring the story is newsworthy. Furthermore, throughout the session, the journalist drew on practical examples from his own career and the reports he has produced so as to illustrate his experiences.

A journalist currently with La Vanguardia, Javier García Luque specializes in historical reporting related to sports and, in particular, cycling, on which he is an expert. The session took place within the framework of the Workshop on Design and Photojournalism for Sports, taught by professors Carlos Pérez de Rozas and Javier Rodríguez as part of the Master’s Degree Programme in Sports Journalism.