Geoffrey Cowper directs Doctor Prats’ new anti-bulling music video

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The lecturer in the Faculty of Communication Sciences got behind the camera with the help of eight students.

Geoffrey Cowper directs Doctor Prats’ new anti-bulling music video

Caminem lluny is one of the tracks featured on Doctor Prats’ latest album; a track whose video, an ode against child bullying, was directed by Geoffrey Cowper, a lecturer in Audiovisual Communication.

The Faculty of Communication Sciences lecturer finished this project in little over a month, with the help of eight students from UIC Barcelona; Audiovisual Communication students who offered assistance with the photography, production and direction.

According to Cowper, the aim of the music video was “to convey the message that violence is never the solution. Just the opposite. And that, most importantly, we must never lose hope”. The main character of the story, a teenage girl who is being bullied at school, deals with the situation with the sole help of a dragon who, a priori, only appears in her imagination and her drawings.

“I’m really proud of the work of the actors and the entire technical team. The best thing for me is to see that a lot of secondary schools are playing the video in class to discuss the issue of bullying”, explained the lecturer, who is now working on what will be his third music video.