Guillem Carabí does a research visit at the Fondazione Bruno Zevi in Rome

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This past November, Dr Guillem Carabí, a lecturer in the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, completed a research visit at the Fondazione Bruno Zevi in Rome.

The aim of the visit was, by analysing the personal files, letters and documents of prestigious architectural historian and theorist Bruno Zevi (1918-2000), to gain a more in-depth understanding of the concept of organic architecture and architectural space, a key pillar in the revision of the history of modern architecture that the architect wrote in 1950.

The Bruno Zevi Foundation was created to honour the memory of Bruno Zevi, a staunch and tenacious supporter of the integration of democratic values and architectural concepts and to commemorate his significant contribution as a historian, critic and thinker. Aside from encouraging and increasing the activities of those interested in pursuing or dedicating themselves to the study of architectural history, theoretical research or practical accomplishments in the fields of urban or landscape architecture and, more generally, cultivating a love for art, the Foundation has set for itself the objective of promoting, particularly amongst young people, knowledge of architectural heritage and its inseparable ties with literature and science, in accordance with the unitary and decidedly anti-academic concept of culture that Bruno Zevi advocated his entire life.

Dr Guillem Carabí is a lecturer in Composition and member of the History, Architecture and Design Research Group at the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture.